Get inspired by leaders in the business world


Get inspired by leaders in the business world

Our Faculty

You will always be accompanied by two experienced teachers in class.
They will provide you with guidance and the tools necessary for best business practices.


PhD professors
whose function is to provide in-depth and cutting-edge information on study topics.


Senior executives of
Fortune 500 companies. Professionals with extensive managerial experience who will teach you to apply knowledge effectively.

Meet some of our
practitioner instructors:

Meet Our Lecturer instructors:



Global Ambassadors

At Westfield Business School, we have formed a global network of
extraordinary advisors and human beings for the long-term
construction of our programs and the creation of international
learning experiences in leading cities worldwide.

Westfield offers a scholarship program and merit reward
assistantships that are assigned based on merit to applicants with
excellent profiles and good academic records.

Emilio Galli Zugaro

Chairman of Methodos S.p.A Milan Founde
& CEO Orvieto Academy

Iris Fujiura

Managing Director
for Golden Seeds

Peter Kurzina

Lecturer, Speaker, Adviser,
Former Senior Lecturer at MIT

Carlos López Casas

Managing Partner
at AUREN Corporate

Rosario Mirat

Director of Purchasing of Fábrica Nacional
de la Moneda y Timbre (Spain).

Fernando Delgado

Senior Investment Analyst

The Florida Department of Education

(Commission for Independent Education)

Supervises and regulates each faculty member’s qualifications for the specific subject they teach.

Besides their qualification, the faculty’s value is their dedication and participation in anything that applies to their teaching.