Get inspired by leaders in the business world


Get inspired by leaders in the business world

Our Faculty

You will always be accompanied by two experienced teachers in class.
They will provide you with guidance and the tools necessary for best business practices.


PhD professors
whose function is to provide in-depth and cutting-edge information on study topics.


Senior executives of
Fortune 500 companies. Professionals with extensive managerial experience who will teach you to apply knowledge effectively.

Meet some of our
practitioner instructors:


José Francisco Garrido

Director of Purchasing of Fábrica Nacional
de la Moneda y Timbre (Spain).

Masters in Trade, an expert in finance and European purchasing regulations. 25 years of business experience and 15 years of teaching experience. Author of "Error as Learning Method," among others.

Eva Cerrolaza

Mentor Coach / R&D Development of Prestigio’s Executive

Training Professional in synergology and certified in ESSIN. Specialist in Nonverbal Communication, Leadership, and Personal Development. Certified Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, PNL, and Lego Serious Play methodology. Certified Coach in Securities Coaching, Neuroscience for Coaching, and member of AEST, Spanish Association for the gifted.

Pedro Martínez

Business experience in GEOBAN of the Banco Santander group.

Ph.D. in Sociology and certified in good corporate governance. Over 15 years of teaching experience and a partner at Nesap Despacho Asesor.

Juan Ramón Rallo

Founder and Director of the
Juan de Mariana Institute

Ph.D. in Economics and Master in Austrian Economics. Head of Opinion for Libertad Digital and Director of the Observatorio de Coyontura Economica. Referent in the Spanish economic environment due to his participation in TV and radio debates.

Jose Luis Pérez Galán

Responsible for Digital Marketing
Projects at ORANGE.

Master in Marketing Management and Business Management, an expert in Big Data. More than 15 years of teaching experience.

Marisol Carvajal Camperos

Business Experience at LIDYCCE, S.L.U.

An Industrial engineer with an emphasis on industrial organization. MBA by the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles, Master in Human Resources, a specialist in senior management, competency management, and quality assurance. She has worked in various companies in Spain, Venezuela, and Colombia holding senior management positions.

Juan Francisco Muñoz

Business Experience at Aretech Consultants

With over 20 years of experience. Specialist in the areas of strategy, finance, and operations. Business experience in companies such as CEMEX, Banco Santander, and AT Kearney.

Ivan Vals Tejedor

Vice President staff at BANKIA

MBA, 20 years of banking experience, and 15 years of teaching experience. Currently a member of Bankia's senior management.

Alonso Gil-Casáres Satrústegui

Responsible for Clínica de Navarra’s International Sales.

Master in Business Administration and Business Management, business experience in marketing and P&G, Colgate Palmolive, and Johnson Wax. Extensive teaching experience.

Meet Our Lecturer instructors:

Ándres Abanto

Ph.D. Management UQÁM (Canada).
Executive MBA UQÁM (Canada).
* Management
* General Management Principles
* Talent Development Management
* Triple Bottom Line Thinking
* Business Policy
* Strategic Management
* Business Strategy
* Marketing Strategy
* Sales Management
* International Marketing
* Operations management
* Operations Strategy
* Strategy and Balanced Scorecard

Nelcy Arria

Ph.D. in Education University Bicentenary de Aragua (Venezuela).
Master of Accountancy South Carolina University (USA).
* Financial Accounting
* Financial Analysis
* Valuation and Investment Analysis
* Valuation and performance business
* Management and Financial Accounting
* MDF Final Postgraduate Project
* Corporate Finance
* Quantitative Methods: Mathematics and Statistics
* Budget Management
* Management Accounting
* Cost Accounting Systems

Jesús Alberto Fuenmayor

Ph.D. Organizational Learning and Leadership with Human Resources Development Barry University Miami Shores, FL.
* Master of Science Tesol and technology Barry University, Miami Shores, FL

* Management courses

Ernesto González

Graduate certificate in Marketing Cornell University (New York).
Ph.D. in Business Administration Universidad de Oviedo (Spain).
*General Management Principles
* Business Policy
* Marketing management
* Marketing Strategy
* Brand Building and Communications
* International Marketing
* Business Strategy
*Operations Management
*Operations Strategy
*Strategic Decision-making
* The triple bottom line: Executing on economics, environmental and social bottom lines

José Luis Mercader

Online teaching Certification SUAGM (Puerto Rico).
MBA University of South Carolina.
* Budget Management
* Management Accounting
* Cost Accounting Systems
* Business Modelling & Planning
* Financial Analysis
* Valuation and Investment Analysis
* Managing Innovation & Corporate Entrepreneurship
* Leading change
* MDF Final Postgraduate Project
* Business Modelling & Planning
* Scenario Study & Control Analysis
* Business Performance Appraisal
* Marketing Strategy

Marcela Gúzman

Ed D Education Argosy University Sarasota (FL).
MBA European University Lisbon (Portugal).
* BA Communication Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City (Mexico)

* Managing Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship

* Leading Change

* Marketing courses



Global Ambassadors

At Westfield Business School, we have formed a global network of
extraordinary advisors and human beings for the long-term
construction of our programs and the creation of international
learning experiences in leading cities worldwide.

Westfield offers a scholarship program and merit reward
assistantships that are assigned based on merit to applicants with
excellent profiles and good academic records.

Emilio Galli Zugaro

Chairman of Methodos S.p.A Milan Founde
& CEO Orvieto Academy

Iris Fujiura

Managing Director
for Golden Seeds

Peter Kurzina

Lecturer, Speaker, Adviser,
Former Senior Lecturer at MIT

Carlos López Casas

Managing Partner
at AUREN Corporate

Rosario Mirat

Director of Purchasing of Fábrica Nacional
de la Moneda y Timbre (Spain).

Fernando Delgado

Senior Investment Analyst

The Florida Department of Education

(Commission for Independent Education)

Supervises and regulates each faculty member’s qualifications for the specific subject they teach.

Besides their qualification, the faculty’s value is their dedication and participation in anything that applies to their teaching.