We lead transformation in a digital age
Enhance your leading skills and impact the business world.


We lead transformation in a digital age
Enhance your leading skills and impact the business world.

We are an American
business school

We are a pioneering online American business school characterized by a self-paced education model where you can study while working.


focuses on training professionals capable of positively impacting organizations, society, and planet. Hence our Triple-Bottom-Line DNA and approach, whereby sustainability becomes a transversal component of all learning processes.

Our students enjoy the educational experience we offer, as it combines a deep training in leadership and in self-knowledge on one’s own particular way of learning (ONESELF Track) under the «Case Teaching Method» developed by Harvard University in 1870.

Pragmatism characterizes our educational offer.


Since the very beginning our goal has been to make access to a comprehensive management education possible. This is why we always put new forms of disruptive technology at the student’s service.

Before calling us Westfield, our Spainiard founders –and leaders in the business and academic worlds– bet on a virtual pedagogical model that could bring together both the Spanish academic offer and the American one.

Our history begins in 2000 when the Higher Institute of Education, Administration and Development (ISEAD, by its Spanish initials) was created, founded by Javier Rivera Latas (PhD from Stanford University) in Madrid, Spain. He has broad academic and business career thanks to Víctor Ros García, Senior Naval Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid with an MBA from IESE.


conceived the idea of ​​an education in management with an added value: to be able to access it from any city in the world, thereby democratizing access and adapting to a new business reality, belying the paradigm that says that quality-education is only possible in person.

It was 2016 when the Prisma Education Group made the decision to acquire our school in its entirety, that the name by which you know us today was born: Westfield Business School, honoring the American businessman Cyrus West Field (1819-1892), who ran the Atlantic Telegraph Company after it laid out the first telegraph cable connecting the United States to Europe in 1858, crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Cyrus West Field’s career reflects our purpose: to integrate United States finest with Spain’s. We offer cutting-edge programs that make that possible by democratizing education and responding to new needs of professionals in the labor market and companies.