Challenge your Present

face your future

Study while working and enjoy this transformative
experience in the business world.

Challenge your Present

face your future

Study while working and enjoy this transformative
experience in the business world.

At Westfield Business School, we transform your life and bring you closer to the business world by providing you with tools to address constant business changes in a recursive and innovative way.

We’ve transformed the lives over 4,000 students. They accepted the challenge of our business school, will you?

Impact the world
with your leadership

Has highlighted his experience with the Triple Bottom Line.

Through his eyes, our approach refers to seeking the triple impact not only on profits but on environmental and social impact.

He also tells us that by understanding these three pillars, and together with some of his peers, he is doing a specialization with the International School of Management (EIG), and with his gained knowledge, they are helping the Banco de las Oportunidades de Medellín in its digital transformation.

Marwa is a young Colombian entrepreneur based in Panama. She visited Singapore within the framework of our International Experiences.

She states, “without a doubt, it was inspiring. I found it incredible to be in the nest of technology and innovation. One of my life mottos is, “learn to launch” and this journey made it possible. It allowed me to apply what I learned in the development of my entrepreneurship.”

She also recognizes that this journey changed her life and is an experience she would repeat without thinking twice. Networking, the exchange of ideas, the companies visited and the innovation ecosystem she learned; inspired her to change the world with her ideas.


Meet our students and graduates

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"The experience has been very rewarding,
exceeding the expectations I initially had."

The enriching content and the point of view of acquisition and in-depth knowledge gave me the tools for present-day and future management of any other type of business or job in which I will perform.

"The experience I had
was spectacular and enriching"

It was an experience that helped me in my work, my company, and with my team. I have understood countless situations and how to address different problems.
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"It was a big experience that
helped me on my company and my team"

I was learn a lot of new things and how to solve
different problems on our company.

Alumni Services

At Westfield, our alumni take part in the life of the school, and can add value making a part of the institution.

Alumni are invited to Keynote virtual sessions with expert speakers to delve into trending topics about management and leadership.

Alumni can take part in our welcoming weeks, and network with future students in Westfield’s programs.

Alumni can also take part in the evolution of the school, by participating in Program Advisory Committee meetings. These meetings gather representatives from the professional sector, graduates, students, employers, professors from other
universities, and Westfield faculty, to create a context where the school shares the information of the achievement of its mission, and gathers information about current trends in the field of business, which may serve as guidance for the update of the program contents in Westfield.