The business world

will be your classroom

The business world

will be your classroom

Real interaction with managers and companies

Today’s business challenges require knowing international business leaders and understanding how they preside their industries.

Our objectives
with International Experiences are:



Our International Experiences program complements technical training received on virtual platform with visits –in person– to companies to learn on different cases, their directors, and successful professionals in general.

Our International Experience program is in the hands of top-level teachers from Westfield Business School and their allies:

You will be able to choose between


Each city with different approaches. The idea, however, is that you choose the one that contributes the most to your holistic training to develop a global vision of the business world.

Get to know the business world by traveling to:




visiting top-level companies to learn from their directors and their particular cases.

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Build valuable contacts and strengthen your networking with students,
professors and entrepreneurs from different sectors and countries.

Sustainable Leadership & Development

Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

Business Model Design, Innovation & Transformation

Silicon Valley, San Francisco (USA)

Transformational Leadership

Madrid / Granada (Spain)

Smart cities

Singapore (Republic of Singapore)

Customer Experience

Miami, Florida (USA)

Ivy League Week


Learn about experiences with a global impact

  • Compulsory international experiences are included (price of academic program)
  • Compulsory international experiences are part of your credits. Such requisite must therefore be met before degree.
  • Accommodation, dinners, and transfers are not included.
  • If needed, all students will be provided with simultaneous translation into Spanish during their international visits.
  • All Westfield students can participate in all available international experiences (in addition to those contemplated in their program, either as students or alumni) at an additional cost.

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by our leaders!

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"A lot of knowledge and new trends i didn't know.

 Regarding leadership, I’ve reinforced things I, myself,
have been learning and applying.”